Manufacturer's Representatives
Serving the Food Service Industry

Our Team

Laurey Miller - Key Accounts

Operations/Marketing Assistant Director for franchise chain of restaurants (126 units) for 7 years.  Manufacturer's representative of equipment and supplies for more than 20 years. 

Ph. 954-805-4705

Helene Frankel - South Florida

Manufacturer's Representative of equipment and supplies for over 28 years with a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management. Focused on dealer trade for Central and South America and the Caribbean. 

Ph. 954-558-4067

Debbie Riddle - Florida East Coast

Over 20 years experience with a large distributor. National and Local Chain Account Specialist. 

Ph. 863-581-1764

Dan Felice - Florida West Coast

A backround in consulting and ready to assist you with all your food service needs.

Ph. 863-797-6855

Dale Riddle - Showroom/Office

With over 20+ years experience as the senior buyer with a Florida dealer, Dale joined Team BMA to manage our office/showroom.

Ph. 863-413-0426